Kachi girls part

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A real friend cares like a Mom,
Scold like a Dad,
Teases like a sister,
Irritates like a brother,

Kachi girls  
since 2012 until forever .

Today, we went hangout together and finally it was five peoples :) 
before this only four of us (me,shila,mira and sue) hangouts because Intan was busy with her job as MPP .

Today, we went to Perlis for dinner and our dinner was steamboat at Embun Dingin steamboat. It was only RM 10 for steamboat and it is expensive okay ! Go and try it :) Just as people around Perlis, 'Where is the steamboat that only RM 10? ' for sure, they will know about it .

Okay after dinner, we decided to karaoke at Cmart Arau but unfortunately it was closed so we just went to one of the karaoke place outside of the building . It was nice place although the price was a bit expensive for us .But it is okay as long as the place is nice and cozy to stay and sing.hahaha.

Ah here the story, we decided to go to karaoke because we are not sure when we will have time for that after this .hmmm, two of us will go to other country as exchange students . one of them will go to Indonesia and the other will go to Japan. I felt so happy for them and I hope they will have a nice experience there .

Then, both of them (sue and intan) were sang together and it was a sad song okayyyy !!!
At first, it was okay but then....i'm crying....because....idk.....

For me, whenever I feel bad or have a problems, four of them will help me and always okay (: because of them, my university life is awesome and fantastic . They always give me an advice and support for everything I do. We always hangout together, go to class together,eat together and spend time together.    

I'm so happy for both of them and I know 1 semester is not that long right ? we still can whatsapp everyday and skype ,maybe :)

Now, me,shila and mira will spend time together and go to class together . Hope three of us will be okay :)

True friendship is not being inseparable
it's being separated and

nothing changes  

I will post more about them when I have free time okay :) 


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