Friday, December 13, 2013

Trip to Penang and Spend time with them :)

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

Okay, harini Zihah nak post pasal trip pergi ke Penang dengan senior-senior bowling ku tercinta tuuu .haha.tercinta la sangat kannnn xD .Actually, Zihah tahu pasal trip ni one day before the trip. haha. dengan duit tak ada bagai time tu memang tak la kannn but disebabkan aku sayang diaorg aku join laa ohh ;) Tapi time tu memang aku save gila duit laaa.memang tak belanja selain belanja yang penting-penting. So story about the trip .

7 Disember 2013
I went to Penang with my senior a.k.a brother and sister for me. Firstly, we went to art street and snap a picture there BUT to find the place is not easy !!! We need to use map and google for that -.- but luckily we found one...then...two.....then we find it again and again .LOL. It just near to each other but still we need to find the right street for that .Ah if you want to find it easily, go and search the place that crowded with people there.haha.

Oh here is the map that easily to use if you want to search art street .

Okay after that, we went to Penang Hill (YOU MUT VISIT IF YOU WENT TO PENANG)

This is the details about ticket fares

Ticket Prices
Harga Ticket
My Card
Adult ( Dewasa )RM30.00RM8.00
Senior Citizen ( Warga Emas )RM30.00RM4.00
Child ( Aged 4 -12 years )
Kanak-kanak ( Berusia 4 - 12 tahun )
School/College/University Student
Pelajar Sekolah/Kolej/Universiti
Family Package
Pakej Keluarga

2 Adult + 1 Child
2 Dewasa + 1 Kanak-kanak
2 Adult + 2 Child
2 Dewasa + 2 Kanak-kanak
2 Adult + 3 Child
2 Dewasa + 3 Kanak-kanak
One Way (Sehala) - Adult/DewasaRM17.00RM5.00
One Way (Sehala) - Child/Kanak-kanakRM10.00RM2.00
Disabled Person
Orang Kurang Upaya

After Penang Hill, we went to find a place for lunch+dinner. HAHA .Sorry, I forgot about the name of the place .But if you go to Penang, try Mi Udang or Mi Sotong ! it's nice and delicious :)
Done dinner soooooooooooooooo

We went to Penang Festival ! Oh jyeahh, the main reason we went to Penang. HAHA
First time I went to this festival and it was fun because we have FUN FAIR there ! ILOVEITSOMUCHHHH .
We play some games and just walking. Nothing to buy because too many people and I don't like it .hehe
So, we just play some games and unluckily we dint'd won anything :'( okay,it's a FUN FAIR but not fun at all because I never win anything !!!! hahahah .

Okay to my senior-senior a.k.a sister and brother :)
Thank you because made a new memories with me .
I love this trip because it was meaningful to me.
I wish you guys luck in practicum and good luck with your new life soon :)
Now we enjoy first okay !!!


New story in my life (:
13.Disember 2013

Today, I went to Alor Setar with three beautiful girls (Stephanie, Ruby and Lim) :) I knew them since last semester and I never thought that we can be this close :) Alhamdulillah, they accept me as their friends and course mate . 

So, we do not have the same class this semester so we rarely meet ( I think this semester I only met them twice time) T______T So sad okay ! I'm too busy with my life and same with them .

So, today we decided to hangout together before final exam . Okay, every time I'm going out with them I will eat eat and eat .haha. We ate a lots today and I already know about this.haha.
Hangout with them = Eating with them .

Firstly, we went to Alor Setar for eat sushi king and I know I must control myself because I knew they will go some other place for eat .But they always asked me to eat eat and eat .haha. and me ? eat eat and eat again .LOOOOOL. 

Okay after Sushi King, we just walking around and they bought a lots of stuff. haha. they go there, they want buy that .LOL. But its fun okay ! for me, I just happy to walking together . no in the mood to spend money.haha.

After Alor Setar mall, we went to Tesco Stargate and we spend a lot of time there because we try a lot of cloths .haha .they are so funny and crazy okay ! try and try and try again .haha .Oh I also try some of the t-shirt there because Idk wht to do .haha.

Then, they asked me 'mana tempat best makan kat sini ?' then me 'hmmmm' Idk about popular place but I know about steamboat because I only go to Alor Setar for eat steamboat. haha .So I suggested them that place .
I'm glad because they like it and we ate like tomorrow is gonna be end .loool. its too much until they asked me stop .and I was like 'hmmm,takut kena bayar la' then they told me 'ala kena bayar je,dah dah stop makan' omg, that time I was like,sayang juga korang kat aku .hahaha . 

Thank you Stephanie, Ruby and Lim
You guys are so funny and wonderful 
Really made my days  :)
and next time teach me more chinese words okay :)
Next semester ,we will go to another place for eat nice food okay leng lui ;)


Thank you for giving me a chance to meet them :)
My brother,sister,my girls (geng kachi),my course mate and UUM's bowlers :)

Happy birthday Amirah Farhana :)

Dear Amirah Farhana,
Happy Birthday,baby girl
Now you're officially 20 years old .
I wish you luck for everything .
Always be happy okay (:

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy birthday to my bff, ekhwan .

Happy Birthday Ekhwan .
Welcome to '2' world
No more '1'
Now you're 20 y/o so act like a mature guy okay ! 
(tapi aku rasa kau dah matang dari aku sekarang ni) 

I hope you will success in everything you do 
Good luck for your practical, next year .

Dear BFF,
nanti aku balik kita celebrate sama-sama okay !
rindu gila nak lepak dengan kau ohh !
kau laa peneman untuk aku lepak.

K la, enjoy your day okay !

Friday, December 6, 2013

'I wish I can just think positive but sometimes 
I really want to do something bad'

Thank you Allah,
Because of you,
I always thinking first before do something bad,

Finally,happy birthday to suriani and intan nuraisha

Assalamualaikum and hello peoples :)
Finally, I have time to post about this .
Last week we were celebrated the birthday of Suriani and Intan .

28 Nov 2013 ,
Happy birthday to Nur Suriani Bt Ibrahim ,
I hope you will be success in anything you do and never give up .
Ah , ALWAYS BE CRAZY OKAYY ! because of your craziness ,I always laughing .hehe.

29 Nov 2013 ,
Happy birthday to Intan Nuraisha Bt Rosli ,
I hope you will be success as a Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) and please please take care of yourself okay .

To both of you ,
Be happy ,
Stay awesome ,
Stay gorgeous ,
Be crazy ,
Good luck for your final exam .
And thank you for being my friends :)
I'm proud to be one of your friends , we are always 'Geng Kachi'
'zihah . sue . intan . mira . shila'

Now story about us .

Before the day of their birthday , Shila, Mira and I were prepared something for both of them .
Actually, our plan is like this .

Firstly , we will go to Alor Setar for watching movie or karaoke then we will have a lunch together at Big Apples (we want to pay it for birthday girls) . Then we will just walking around at the mall before eat steamboat ( our main plan ) .

But ....
The plan was canceled because we could not rent a car  . :'(
We try to get a car from morning until afternoon .
We were like , ( arrghhhhhhhhh )
Actually we want to give up BUT NO ! that's the only day that all of us are free .
So ,we try and try and finally Shila got a car at 6.30 PM
After she got it, we just get ready .
Then we went to Alor Setar to eat steamboat after Maghrib
We just have time to eat steamboat
But still ,we were so happy and we ate a lots that time .

Oh yeah, Shila, Mira and I were prepared a big card for birthday girls .
So we decided to give it after we had our dinner .

So here's the pictures .

Ah lupa nak bagitahu , actually zihah ,mira and shila tak nak wish sue and intan awal-awal but then sue nampak sedih sangat that time .So time 28 Nov 2013 tu , zihah, shila and mira belikan a cute cupcakes for both of them .Because we prepared it last minute , zihah and shila rasa macam rugi kalau tak ada tepung .haha .So zihah decided nak beli tepung or telur dengan makcik-makcik yang jual kat ekspo konvo UUM tu .haha .gila kelakar ohhh .sebab orang datang nak beli makanan kiteorg pergi nak beli tepung dan telur .But still Alhamdulillah sebab ada makcik yang sanggup jual :) So, apa lagi malam tu memang kiteorg kenakan Sue and Intan .Tapi paling kesian Sue la sebab dua-dua telur terkena kat dia sorang je .haha.Takpe Intan, next year kiteorg baling 21 biji telur :P haha . Malam yang sangat best sebab kiteorg memang dah macam orang gila sampai kena tegur dengan student yang tengah tidur .haha .opsss sorry awak yang tengah tidur tuuu ;)  chill laaa ,awak pun mesti pernah buat bising cmtu kann ;)

30. Nov. 2013

Ber-steamboat together (: