Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spend time with my girls and dinner .

Finally, I have time to post about this :)
Okay,first thing that I would like to share is about our 'Explorace 1 Malaysia' .
As usual, I need a sira (only for UUM) hehe ,so my girls and I decided to join this .
To join this,we decided to wear our new shirt ;) and we bought the same shirt ( last minute planning) .

So now is the day .
I woke up at 8 AM and whatsapp them (in our group) either they are still already woke up or not .
As usual, Mira will reply first then I will go to Sue's room because I know she still sleeping that time.haha.
After that, I called Shila and Intan .
Supposedly ,we should  register at 8 AM .haha .but then we go to the place at 8.30 .haha.

So after that, we start our explorace .It was fun and for this explorace, they asked us about Malaysia and luckily I brought my tab so I google most of the answer ( maybe ALL ) haha .
Oh yeah, one the game is 'Keluarkan gula-gula yang ada dalam tepung + telur' .TELUR ? ewwww.
To decide the one who will do this we do 'lat tali lat tali tamplom' .haha .(kalau tak tahu memang rugi laa)

and the winner is Sue ..kekekeke .
She was selected to do the game . (poor my baby) hehe
But luckily, she din't touch the egg ;) Thanks to Intan because she was the one who guide Sue for this game.
After the games,we just talking and talking .haha . /bukan senang nak berkumpul kelima-limanya/ hehe

We got 3rd place and I'm so happy because the motive for me to join this program is to spend time with my girls and have fun with them .
Believe me, yesterday I felt soooooooooo happy 

After the program, we all went back to our room and for me I start to do the video of bowling club's activities .
Last night, I went to Bowling Club Grand Dinner .
Actually, I asked my girls to join me but yeah I know its end of the month so we don't have a lot of money.
For me, I must go because I am one of the committee members so what can I do right ?
Then, Belinda (Director for this program) text me 'We must find 11 person because we don't have enough participants'
and me was like ' arrgghh,again I need to think' I felt so worry about this
I text all my friends and asked my girls again .
They joined me

'Aku berasa sangat bersyukur time tu dan kalau perlukan apa-apa aku pasti akan bantu korang sedaya upaya aku . Korang la sahabat time susah dan senang aku. Aku berasa sangat-sangat gembira '

/aku rasa sedih pula bila ingat pasal semalam/

P/S-Korang minta je aku ajar korang pasal blog, sebab ilmu yang aku ada ni memang aku lagi suka untuk berkongsi dengan korang :) memang muka nampak penat tapi aku suka tolong korang so jangan fikir lain-lain bila muka aku macam 'nak tampar pun ada kan ?' hahaha.

And I would like to say thank you to Wan Z and Imah because both of you join this program last minute and I'm glad you guys happy :) /ask me if you guys need anything one day/

Alhamdulillah, everything was going fine and the events was success although we din't have enough participants but you know what, the least participants the more I can get know about them because I can go and talk with all of them :) Thank you so much for joined the program.

Especially to Belinda and the teams .
CONGRATULATIONS because you guys did well in this program.
I know, you guys felt so stressed about this and worried /I felt like that too before/

To all the Ex-MT ( ahli Majlis Tertinggi )
Thank you for your hardworking and I hope all of us will continue success in everything we do .
We start with nothing and now we know how to handle program and make an events .
Believe me, one day we will use it in our working life :)
But if not, we still got the experienced .
We can't buy the experienced so nobody can't tell about it without experience its first .

To Kak Lea
Thank you so much because of you I know how to handle a club and a programs .
Without you, Idk how to the paperwork, how to booking lane (the letter), how to make a budget and ect
Hope you will continue to help me in the future whenever I need your help ;)

And again Alhamdulillah ...
I was selected as the next president for bowling club .
Yeah,not a famous club but you know what, one day this club can be famous just like other club .
It just need a time .
The Committee members of Bowling Club UUM 2012/2013

Thank you again for everything and I'm glad with everything I have now . Alhamdulillah .

P/S- Intan ,lepas ni kita kena hangout sama2 and snap guna polaroid tauuu :) susah sangat nak berpolaroid dengan kakak MPP ni ;) hehe .

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Be strong Nazihah !

Assalamualaikum and hello people :)

Today, I feel like to post something so here I am .

I'm glad with everything I've now and I'm happy with people around me .
I just hope this semester will end soon .
I feel so tired and this week I keep crying alone / I'm crying whenever I feel tired or stress/
This is because I have a lots of thing to be done by next week .
I will have a presentation next week that supposedly be present next month so now I keep rushing to finish all the assignments .
I'm okay with all assignments that need me to read article or journal.
But now, I need to sell a product because this subject is about entrepreneurship .
First think when I heard it 'Omg,I like this' /yeah, new kind of assignment right? /
But after I start do it, I was like 'Omg, Idk how to do it' 'When I want sell and to whom ?' Yeah, loads of thing came to my mind.
But then, I'm glad I have a good team .Yes, they do their job but I wish they can give more attention about this because they never asked me about our assignments . /oh yeah, i'm the leader/ .
So, next week is the presentation and we still like a turtle /too slow/ BUT I KNOW ,WE CAN FINIH IT !!

Oh I feel so thankful to people around me. They help me a lots and without them I will not know what to do. I just wish, I can do something for them because I've spend lots of time with bowling club's events . Oh talk about bowling club , I feel so stress because I need to think about 2 programs and Alhamdulillah one is already done today . One more then I can concentrate with my presentation .

But, the truth is, I miss to spent time with my girls (Sue,Intan,Shila and Mira) .I hope our plan to going out next week will become reality :) .InshaAllah .

To Puteri, thank you because you always here for me whenever I need you :) Thank you so much Cantik !

To Ekin, kak Murni and Faiz ,thank you because you guys always give an advice to me :) I like it and yes sometimes my face din't show it but the truth is I really take it serious :) Thank you so much guys !

To Kak Shima, Kak Lea and Wan, thank you because you guys always bring me along whenever you guys going out . I feel so thankful :) I know, this sem will be the last sem for you guys so as long as there is a time we will hangout and do a lots of thing together .

Dear Nazihah,
Good Luck For
- Bowling Club's Events
-Mini Golf Event (Ko-K's Project)

InshaAllah, everything will be okay and be strong Nazihah Abdul Jalil !!!