Friday, December 13, 2013

Trip to Penang and Spend time with them :)

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

Okay, harini Zihah nak post pasal trip pergi ke Penang dengan senior-senior bowling ku tercinta tuuu .haha.tercinta la sangat kannnn xD .Actually, Zihah tahu pasal trip ni one day before the trip. haha. dengan duit tak ada bagai time tu memang tak la kannn but disebabkan aku sayang diaorg aku join laa ohh ;) Tapi time tu memang aku save gila duit laaa.memang tak belanja selain belanja yang penting-penting. So story about the trip .

7 Disember 2013
I went to Penang with my senior a.k.a brother and sister for me. Firstly, we went to art street and snap a picture there BUT to find the place is not easy !!! We need to use map and google for that -.- but luckily we found one...then...two.....then we find it again and again .LOL. It just near to each other but still we need to find the right street for that .Ah if you want to find it easily, go and search the place that crowded with people there.haha.

Oh here is the map that easily to use if you want to search art street .

Okay after that, we went to Penang Hill (YOU MUT VISIT IF YOU WENT TO PENANG)

This is the details about ticket fares

Ticket Prices
Harga Ticket
My Card
Adult ( Dewasa )RM30.00RM8.00
Senior Citizen ( Warga Emas )RM30.00RM4.00
Child ( Aged 4 -12 years )
Kanak-kanak ( Berusia 4 - 12 tahun )
School/College/University Student
Pelajar Sekolah/Kolej/Universiti
Family Package
Pakej Keluarga

2 Adult + 1 Child
2 Dewasa + 1 Kanak-kanak
2 Adult + 2 Child
2 Dewasa + 2 Kanak-kanak
2 Adult + 3 Child
2 Dewasa + 3 Kanak-kanak
One Way (Sehala) - Adult/DewasaRM17.00RM5.00
One Way (Sehala) - Child/Kanak-kanakRM10.00RM2.00
Disabled Person
Orang Kurang Upaya

After Penang Hill, we went to find a place for lunch+dinner. HAHA .Sorry, I forgot about the name of the place .But if you go to Penang, try Mi Udang or Mi Sotong ! it's nice and delicious :)
Done dinner soooooooooooooooo

We went to Penang Festival ! Oh jyeahh, the main reason we went to Penang. HAHA
First time I went to this festival and it was fun because we have FUN FAIR there ! ILOVEITSOMUCHHHH .
We play some games and just walking. Nothing to buy because too many people and I don't like it .hehe
So, we just play some games and unluckily we dint'd won anything :'( okay,it's a FUN FAIR but not fun at all because I never win anything !!!! hahahah .

Okay to my senior-senior a.k.a sister and brother :)
Thank you because made a new memories with me .
I love this trip because it was meaningful to me.
I wish you guys luck in practicum and good luck with your new life soon :)
Now we enjoy first okay !!!


New story in my life (:
13.Disember 2013

Today, I went to Alor Setar with three beautiful girls (Stephanie, Ruby and Lim) :) I knew them since last semester and I never thought that we can be this close :) Alhamdulillah, they accept me as their friends and course mate . 

So, we do not have the same class this semester so we rarely meet ( I think this semester I only met them twice time) T______T So sad okay ! I'm too busy with my life and same with them .

So, today we decided to hangout together before final exam . Okay, every time I'm going out with them I will eat eat and eat .haha. We ate a lots today and I already know about this.haha.
Hangout with them = Eating with them .

Firstly, we went to Alor Setar for eat sushi king and I know I must control myself because I knew they will go some other place for eat .But they always asked me to eat eat and eat .haha. and me ? eat eat and eat again .LOOOOOL. 

Okay after Sushi King, we just walking around and they bought a lots of stuff. haha. they go there, they want buy that .LOL. But its fun okay ! for me, I just happy to walking together . no in the mood to spend money.haha.

After Alor Setar mall, we went to Tesco Stargate and we spend a lot of time there because we try a lot of cloths .haha .they are so funny and crazy okay ! try and try and try again .haha .Oh I also try some of the t-shirt there because Idk wht to do .haha.

Then, they asked me 'mana tempat best makan kat sini ?' then me 'hmmmm' Idk about popular place but I know about steamboat because I only go to Alor Setar for eat steamboat. haha .So I suggested them that place .
I'm glad because they like it and we ate like tomorrow is gonna be end .loool. its too much until they asked me stop .and I was like 'hmmm,takut kena bayar la' then they told me 'ala kena bayar je,dah dah stop makan' omg, that time I was like,sayang juga korang kat aku .hahaha . 

Thank you Stephanie, Ruby and Lim
You guys are so funny and wonderful 
Really made my days  :)
and next time teach me more chinese words okay :)
Next semester ,we will go to another place for eat nice food okay leng lui ;)


Thank you for giving me a chance to meet them :)
My brother,sister,my girls (geng kachi),my course mate and UUM's bowlers :)

Happy birthday Amirah Farhana :)

Dear Amirah Farhana,
Happy Birthday,baby girl
Now you're officially 20 years old .
I wish you luck for everything .
Always be happy okay (:

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy birthday to my bff, ekhwan .

Happy Birthday Ekhwan .
Welcome to '2' world
No more '1'
Now you're 20 y/o so act like a mature guy okay ! 
(tapi aku rasa kau dah matang dari aku sekarang ni) 

I hope you will success in everything you do 
Good luck for your practical, next year .

Dear BFF,
nanti aku balik kita celebrate sama-sama okay !
rindu gila nak lepak dengan kau ohh !
kau laa peneman untuk aku lepak.

K la, enjoy your day okay !

Friday, December 6, 2013

'I wish I can just think positive but sometimes 
I really want to do something bad'

Thank you Allah,
Because of you,
I always thinking first before do something bad,

Finally,happy birthday to suriani and intan nuraisha

Assalamualaikum and hello peoples :)
Finally, I have time to post about this .
Last week we were celebrated the birthday of Suriani and Intan .

28 Nov 2013 ,
Happy birthday to Nur Suriani Bt Ibrahim ,
I hope you will be success in anything you do and never give up .
Ah , ALWAYS BE CRAZY OKAYY ! because of your craziness ,I always laughing .hehe.

29 Nov 2013 ,
Happy birthday to Intan Nuraisha Bt Rosli ,
I hope you will be success as a Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) and please please take care of yourself okay .

To both of you ,
Be happy ,
Stay awesome ,
Stay gorgeous ,
Be crazy ,
Good luck for your final exam .
And thank you for being my friends :)
I'm proud to be one of your friends , we are always 'Geng Kachi'
'zihah . sue . intan . mira . shila'

Now story about us .

Before the day of their birthday , Shila, Mira and I were prepared something for both of them .
Actually, our plan is like this .

Firstly , we will go to Alor Setar for watching movie or karaoke then we will have a lunch together at Big Apples (we want to pay it for birthday girls) . Then we will just walking around at the mall before eat steamboat ( our main plan ) .

But ....
The plan was canceled because we could not rent a car  . :'(
We try to get a car from morning until afternoon .
We were like , ( arrghhhhhhhhh )
Actually we want to give up BUT NO ! that's the only day that all of us are free .
So ,we try and try and finally Shila got a car at 6.30 PM
After she got it, we just get ready .
Then we went to Alor Setar to eat steamboat after Maghrib
We just have time to eat steamboat
But still ,we were so happy and we ate a lots that time .

Oh yeah, Shila, Mira and I were prepared a big card for birthday girls .
So we decided to give it after we had our dinner .

So here's the pictures .

Ah lupa nak bagitahu , actually zihah ,mira and shila tak nak wish sue and intan awal-awal but then sue nampak sedih sangat that time .So time 28 Nov 2013 tu , zihah, shila and mira belikan a cute cupcakes for both of them .Because we prepared it last minute , zihah and shila rasa macam rugi kalau tak ada tepung .haha .So zihah decided nak beli tepung or telur dengan makcik-makcik yang jual kat ekspo konvo UUM tu .haha .gila kelakar ohhh .sebab orang datang nak beli makanan kiteorg pergi nak beli tepung dan telur .But still Alhamdulillah sebab ada makcik yang sanggup jual :) So, apa lagi malam tu memang kiteorg kenakan Sue and Intan .Tapi paling kesian Sue la sebab dua-dua telur terkena kat dia sorang je .haha.Takpe Intan, next year kiteorg baling 21 biji telur :P haha . Malam yang sangat best sebab kiteorg memang dah macam orang gila sampai kena tegur dengan student yang tengah tidur .haha .opsss sorry awak yang tengah tidur tuuu ;)  chill laaa ,awak pun mesti pernah buat bising cmtu kann ;)

30. Nov. 2013

Ber-steamboat together (:


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spend time with my girls and dinner .

Finally, I have time to post about this :)
Okay,first thing that I would like to share is about our 'Explorace 1 Malaysia' .
As usual, I need a sira (only for UUM) hehe ,so my girls and I decided to join this .
To join this,we decided to wear our new shirt ;) and we bought the same shirt ( last minute planning) .

So now is the day .
I woke up at 8 AM and whatsapp them (in our group) either they are still already woke up or not .
As usual, Mira will reply first then I will go to Sue's room because I know she still sleeping that time.haha.
After that, I called Shila and Intan .
Supposedly ,we should  register at 8 AM .haha .but then we go to the place at 8.30 .haha.

So after that, we start our explorace .It was fun and for this explorace, they asked us about Malaysia and luckily I brought my tab so I google most of the answer ( maybe ALL ) haha .
Oh yeah, one the game is 'Keluarkan gula-gula yang ada dalam tepung + telur' .TELUR ? ewwww.
To decide the one who will do this we do 'lat tali lat tali tamplom' .haha .(kalau tak tahu memang rugi laa)

and the winner is Sue ..kekekeke .
She was selected to do the game . (poor my baby) hehe
But luckily, she din't touch the egg ;) Thanks to Intan because she was the one who guide Sue for this game.
After the games,we just talking and talking .haha . /bukan senang nak berkumpul kelima-limanya/ hehe

We got 3rd place and I'm so happy because the motive for me to join this program is to spend time with my girls and have fun with them .
Believe me, yesterday I felt soooooooooo happy 

After the program, we all went back to our room and for me I start to do the video of bowling club's activities .
Last night, I went to Bowling Club Grand Dinner .
Actually, I asked my girls to join me but yeah I know its end of the month so we don't have a lot of money.
For me, I must go because I am one of the committee members so what can I do right ?
Then, Belinda (Director for this program) text me 'We must find 11 person because we don't have enough participants'
and me was like ' arrgghh,again I need to think' I felt so worry about this
I text all my friends and asked my girls again .
They joined me

'Aku berasa sangat bersyukur time tu dan kalau perlukan apa-apa aku pasti akan bantu korang sedaya upaya aku . Korang la sahabat time susah dan senang aku. Aku berasa sangat-sangat gembira '

/aku rasa sedih pula bila ingat pasal semalam/

P/S-Korang minta je aku ajar korang pasal blog, sebab ilmu yang aku ada ni memang aku lagi suka untuk berkongsi dengan korang :) memang muka nampak penat tapi aku suka tolong korang so jangan fikir lain-lain bila muka aku macam 'nak tampar pun ada kan ?' hahaha.

And I would like to say thank you to Wan Z and Imah because both of you join this program last minute and I'm glad you guys happy :) /ask me if you guys need anything one day/

Alhamdulillah, everything was going fine and the events was success although we din't have enough participants but you know what, the least participants the more I can get know about them because I can go and talk with all of them :) Thank you so much for joined the program.

Especially to Belinda and the teams .
CONGRATULATIONS because you guys did well in this program.
I know, you guys felt so stressed about this and worried /I felt like that too before/

To all the Ex-MT ( ahli Majlis Tertinggi )
Thank you for your hardworking and I hope all of us will continue success in everything we do .
We start with nothing and now we know how to handle program and make an events .
Believe me, one day we will use it in our working life :)
But if not, we still got the experienced .
We can't buy the experienced so nobody can't tell about it without experience its first .

To Kak Lea
Thank you so much because of you I know how to handle a club and a programs .
Without you, Idk how to the paperwork, how to booking lane (the letter), how to make a budget and ect
Hope you will continue to help me in the future whenever I need your help ;)

And again Alhamdulillah ...
I was selected as the next president for bowling club .
Yeah,not a famous club but you know what, one day this club can be famous just like other club .
It just need a time .
The Committee members of Bowling Club UUM 2012/2013

Thank you again for everything and I'm glad with everything I have now . Alhamdulillah .

P/S- Intan ,lepas ni kita kena hangout sama2 and snap guna polaroid tauuu :) susah sangat nak berpolaroid dengan kakak MPP ni ;) hehe .

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Be strong Nazihah !

Assalamualaikum and hello people :)

Today, I feel like to post something so here I am .

I'm glad with everything I've now and I'm happy with people around me .
I just hope this semester will end soon .
I feel so tired and this week I keep crying alone / I'm crying whenever I feel tired or stress/
This is because I have a lots of thing to be done by next week .
I will have a presentation next week that supposedly be present next month so now I keep rushing to finish all the assignments .
I'm okay with all assignments that need me to read article or journal.
But now, I need to sell a product because this subject is about entrepreneurship .
First think when I heard it 'Omg,I like this' /yeah, new kind of assignment right? /
But after I start do it, I was like 'Omg, Idk how to do it' 'When I want sell and to whom ?' Yeah, loads of thing came to my mind.
But then, I'm glad I have a good team .Yes, they do their job but I wish they can give more attention about this because they never asked me about our assignments . /oh yeah, i'm the leader/ .
So, next week is the presentation and we still like a turtle /too slow/ BUT I KNOW ,WE CAN FINIH IT !!

Oh I feel so thankful to people around me. They help me a lots and without them I will not know what to do. I just wish, I can do something for them because I've spend lots of time with bowling club's events . Oh talk about bowling club , I feel so stress because I need to think about 2 programs and Alhamdulillah one is already done today . One more then I can concentrate with my presentation .

But, the truth is, I miss to spent time with my girls (Sue,Intan,Shila and Mira) .I hope our plan to going out next week will become reality :) .InshaAllah .

To Puteri, thank you because you always here for me whenever I need you :) Thank you so much Cantik !

To Ekin, kak Murni and Faiz ,thank you because you guys always give an advice to me :) I like it and yes sometimes my face din't show it but the truth is I really take it serious :) Thank you so much guys !

To Kak Shima, Kak Lea and Wan, thank you because you guys always bring me along whenever you guys going out . I feel so thankful :) I know, this sem will be the last sem for you guys so as long as there is a time we will hangout and do a lots of thing together .

Dear Nazihah,
Good Luck For
- Bowling Club's Events
-Mini Golf Event (Ko-K's Project)

InshaAllah, everything will be okay and be strong Nazihah Abdul Jalil !!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Baksis Di Terengganu

Alhamdulillah, Zihah berkesempatan untuk post pasal baksis haritu. Okay, pada 25 September sampai 28 September Zihah telah pergi Terengganu untuk program bakti siswa atau lebih dikenali sebagai Baksis. Program ini adalah program daripada kelab penyayang,UUM .

Pada hari pertama, kami telah pergi UMT dan di situ mereka telah berkongsi dengan kami tentang pengalaman mereka di Cambodia. Kelab penyayang di UMT adalah kelab penyayang no.1 dalam kalangan kelab penyayang di semua IPTA. Selepas itu, kami telah pergi ke SMK Bukit Besar,Terengganu untuk memberi motivasi kepada semua pelajar STPM. Di situ, Zihah telah kena seorang adik bernama syahira. Dia seorang yang agak pemalu tapi kami mempunyai banyak persamaan ohh so senang nak bercakap dengan dia dan Zihah ada juga bagi sikit nasihat supaya dia tidak terlalu stress sebab STPM kan dah nak dekat :) Dear adik syira, buat final exam elok-elok okay :)

Selepas itu, kami telah pergi ke Kg.Gelugor Raja untuk program anak angkat :) di sana, Zihah dan Ekin telah menjadi anak angkat kepada mak kami .Mak seorang yang sangat peramah dan sangat baik hati. Mula-mula Zihah rasa sangat segan sebab yelah first time jumpa dah jadi anak angkat kan .hehe .Tapi sebab layanan mak yang mesra buat Zihah rasa diterima dan yes jujurnya Zihah ambik masa juga nak terima :) Alhamdulillah, semuanya berjalan lancar dan banyak pengalaman Zihah terima semasa tinggal di sana .Ohh, Zihah drive kereta manual kat sana okayyyy and bawa motor lagi ~jalan-jalan sekitar kampung .Sangat besttt walaupun sekejap sebab jadual kami sangat la padat time tu .hehe . Dear Mak, harap-harap lepas ni kita akan berjumpa lagi :) inshaAllah kalau saya balik kg,saya singgah rumah mak :)

Zihah berasa bersyukur dan gembira sebab dapat join program yang sangat bermakna ini dan disebabkan program ini la Zihah telah berkenalan dengan ramai senior-senior yang baik hati (Kak Murni, Kak Maiza, Kak Nurul, Kak Fizah) dan kenal jejaka-jejaka yang tak ada lah handsome sangat.hahaha.

Thank you for the memories :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hangout with my girls

Assalamualaikum and hello guys .

Okay, harini Zihah sangat happy sebab dapat makan steamboat with all my girls :) but then, Intan tak ada so agak sedih di situ .So next time dia WAJIB ada ;) hehe .baru cukup my girls semua~ hehe .

Firstly kiteorg pergi c-mart to buy a few things then pergi secret recipe (changlon pun ada secret recipe okay !) ahaha .one pieces of cake for each person :) we ate it in the car on the way to city plaza because Sue want to buy something at the Popular .Omg, POPULAR ! a lot of cute things there but then I need to hold myself from buy all the things .haha .and then jumpa novel2 yang best memang nafsu nak membeli tu sangat la tinggi tapi still hold it sebab zihah tahu duit tu untuk beli buku :) So don't worry ,still have the money and just a few for paid the food and rent for the car .hehe .Ah talk about the CAR !! haha .harini kiteorg terkandas disebabkan tak ada minyak tapi bukan tepi jalan okayyy .terkandas kat station minyak uolsss .haha .but still, kiteorg tak dapat isi sebab station minyak tu dah tutup and cuba bayangkan kiteorg semua PEREMPUAN dekat situ dalam kereta tanpa minyak.Ya Allah sangat menakutkan sampai sakit perut weyyy /memang tak tipu/ .Tapi alhamdulillah, pekerja dekat situ sanggup tolong kami dengan pergi beli minyak kat tempat lain sbb kereta kiteorg memang dah tak boleh gerak.Sambil menunggu sambil dengar lagu /lalalalala/ ah,tetibe ada idea untuk buat video kat instagram .TAPIiiiii saya bukan pengguna Iphongggg uollsss .I gune samsung jee okayyy .Then we decided to used keek .HAHA. apa lagi,memang merepek je kiteorg .dah la gelap gelita .haha.tengah duk buat video tuu, tetibe Mira menyorok kat bawah kerusi and kitoerg was like o.O .Ingatkan ada orang datang kat kereta tuu ,rupa-rupanya akak yang tolong kiteorg .haha .mira mira .comel sangat laaa. hehe .Alhamdulillah dah ada minyak and terima kasih banyak2 kepada yang menolong :) 


Kereta still tak boleh start.weolsss dah takut laa sebab kereta sewa beb ! bukan kereta I .huhuhu .Then Shila decided to call owner kereta sewa tu and the conversation goes like this .

Shila : abang,kereta kiteorg tak boleh gerak ni.abang boleh tolong amek kiteorg tak kat station minyak ***
Abang kereta : Eh naik kereta apa? manual or auto ?
Shila : kereta auto..
Abang kereta : Cuba tengok gear.gear kat mana sekarang ?
Shila : gear ?

-semua tengok-
and guess what ? gear kat mana ????? hahaha .rupa-rupanya gear kat 'D' .haha.that's why tak boleh start .and I was like 'Sueeeeeeee' haha .Tapi memang weolss dah belajar benda baru and kami pasti akan lebih berhati2 ;) isi minyak banyak2 sikit kalau nak jalan jauhhh .hehe.

Alhamdulillah, kami selamat pergi dah balik ke dpp :) 

Malam ni dah boleh mimpi indah dan senyum sorang2 .haha .lepas ni kalau keluar kita check minyak dan pastikan gear kat 'P' okayyy girlsss ;) hehe.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to UUM

Assalamualaikum and hello guys :) oh, today I got something to post and of course because I have a free time for this . So, as you guys knew, I've been enjoy for two months in semester break and now I already starting with my 3rd semester ;~; Aww, this sem I have 4 class on Monday and Thursday /me don't like it/

Okay, my semester break was AWESOME and FUN ! I spend time with family, friends and I met all my teachers in high school .I feel so thankful because I had celebrate my parents birthday before I went back to this college . Spend my time with my all siblings ,we shopping together and cook together on fasting month And for the first time, I had a trip with my girls (sue,shila,intan and fify) to Universal Studios, Singapore . Other than that, I've spent most of my time with my BFF (syura and ekhwan) during the semester break .We went to the karaoke ,dinner and lunch together ,gossiping and of course celebrate eid fitr together :) .I also spend time with my junior from high school (akim,syahmi and rien) and met most my friends during the eid fitr month. Oh my friend was got married last month so Congratulations Dear, Irma and husband :) .I met a lot of my high schoolmate during her wedding and it was wonderful to met and talking with them .My cousin also got married last month and it was fun to met all my cousins /they are the best cousin/The most important is I got a chance to represent UUM for Bowling in Masum ,Alhamdulillah .I really miss all my teammates :* (Nadhirah,Lea,Miza,Kak Nad,Kak Iz,Huat,Bok,Irwan and Iwan) YOU GUYS ARE COOL ! ;)

So here, my first post for the 3rd semester in UUM .
Alhamdulillah, I got the same room with the same roommate :) As usual, most of the time I spend my time with my girls (sue,shila,intan and mira) without them, my life here will be boring XD .Thank you guys ! you guys are the best !!! Before we start with our busy life, we spend time together with watching movie .haha . For today ,we watched 'Pee Mak' in my room .It's a Thai Movie and it's horror comedy .Funny and I love the way that guy showed his love to his wife .He really love his wife.Omg, they are so sweet okay !!! Oh we also had dinner together since the first day we are here .almost every night ,I will see them .haha .

Dear Mira, please get well soon okay :* 

Some of the picture during the semester break .

And here, our first picture for this semester . with my girls :*

I wish, this semester will be more fun and our friendship will be more stronger .
Hope we can help each other and teaching each other .InshaaAllah .

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


En. Mohd. Mokhlis b. Komari
Pensyarah Pendidikan Islam
Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan (KMNS)

Arwah telah mengajar kelas saya dan pada mulanya saya ingat arwah seorang yang garang but believe me arwah sangat baik dan setiap guraun atau marah beliau ada nasihat yang boleh kita ambil berat. 
Semoga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman . 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trip to Universal Studio Singapore

Percutian pertama yang aku aturkan bersama kawan-kawan ku. Kiteorg pergi untuk 3 hari 2 malam dan tinggal di Tune Hotel, JB .

Tune Hotel RM 220 ( Double Room/3 hari 2 malam) korang boleh dapat lagi murah kalau ada promotion.
Tiket USS-
RM 155 .Zihah contact Rosmanizah Abdul Rahman .
Transport to USS-
RM 30 (pergi balik) boleh beli dekat tune hotel tu.
Transport ke JB-
Kalau dari KL,naik bas dari BTS ke Larkin dan kat situ boleh naik teksi . Bas-RM 30 .
Belanja lain-lain-
makan dan minum je laa.yang ni ikut korang tapi zihah bawa RM 200 tapi guna RM 150 cmtu untuk 3 hari .Sempat karaoke lagi first day tu :)
Belanja kat USS-
Zihah bawa 100 Singapore Dollar .believe me,walaupun nampak sikit tapi sangat cukup :) .kiteorg tak makan kat sana sebab dah siap2 bawa makanan dari Malaysia.ala simpan dalam beg jee ;) hehe .

Ini semua perbelanjaan kami dan untuk hotel tu kami bahagi kan kepada 5 orang so sorang RM 44 :) InshaaAllah next trip kiteorg pergi ke Krabi Island :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Semester Break .

Alhamdulillah, I just finished my first year degree .Now I'm having my semester break until September .
I don't want to talk about my final exam because it already passed .

Oh last week, I went to Universal Studio Singapore with my friends . Sue, Intan, Shila and Fify .We just had a conversation about this last year and alhamdulillah its really happened .

We went to Johore on 1 July and went to USS on 2 July then back here on 3 July . So,our trip was for 3 days. I'm soooooo happy because this trip is among girls only and my parents trust me and they gave the permission for this trip. Thank you Abah and Ibu :)

We went to karaoke and sang for 2 hours then we slept together . Aww, really miss them now ♥♥
 Wish I can tell you guys more about this trip but I'm so tired now . In shaa Allah I will post about this trip again :)

Thanks for the memories and our next trip will be Krabi Island, Thailand .In shaa Allah.
 /Save money from now/

Oh I met Zee again :)

Today . 5/7/2013

I went to Setia City Mall with Ekhwan my new friends Khai and Beela :) Just met them today but we really had fun today .Thank you Ekhwan because introduce your friends to me ! And finally I went to Seoul Garden . Really ate a lots todayyyy . we also went to karaoke for 3 hourssss. wowww.

Next week is fasting month so

'Selamat Berpuasa kepada semua yang berpuasa dan saya minta maaf dengan segala kesilapan saya yang lepas. Semoga puasa tahun ini lebih bermakna daripada sebelumnya dan semoga ia diterima olehNya. Amin '

Aku harap cuti sem ini lebih bermakna buat aku. Nazihah ! terawih jangan tinggal !!! haha .In shaa Allah :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tired .

I'm tired...
I wish I just have time to spend with my room .I need time to rest .

But thank you for those who try to cheer me .I really appreciate it but today I'm feeling sad.

I miss my family..
I miss my friends..
I miss YOU 

I just wish we can talk like before .

Oh,wish me luck for tomorrow.I'm join choir competition for my block .Thank you so much for teach me although my voice is sooooo bad and I know it .I just want to try something new .
But yeah,you are a good teacher.

Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm 20 years old now .

Assalamualaikum and hello people :)

Alhamdulillah,I'm officially 20 years old last month on 25 February .
A bit busy with class,assignment and program at my University so I don't have time to post anything here .

So,now is second semester for me and my life as student is okay but my works getting double than before because I got an offered to be a president for a club  .Hmm,I can but I don't want it because I don't have any experience yet so I choose assistant president .Alhamdulillah,I still can handle it but yeah I need to sleep least and do more works .I also be a director for one of the program .InsyaAllah,everything is gonna be okay so wish me luck and please pray for me ♥♥♥

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fabulous Criminal Monkeys

Oh hello guys :) jyeahh,today I got something to post and its about FCM ❤
Its already one year I knew them and every time I need some advice I'll ask them .Thanks a lot guys ❤

So today,I want share this doodle with you guys .

The upper is on 2011 and the below one is on 2013
This one is from Jasmine 
Our family❤ 

This one is from Kania .

Last year(2012) we posted a lot of video and picture .

Anyway,I'm starting to counting the days until 17 January 2013 .My holiday :D

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013

HELLO 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello people . 
Alhamdulillah,kita masih ada peluang untuk hidup di dunia ini pada hari ini iaitu 1 Januari 2013 .

Banyak kenangan yang telah Zihah dapat pada tahun lepas .

KMNS 2011/2012
Alhamdulillah,Zihah dah habis Matrik dan Zihah kenal ramai kawan baru .Dapat berbuka dengan diaorg,beraya bersama .Ya Allah,terima kasih sebab kenalkan kami semua dan walaupun kita mula rapat pada sem 2,kita masih contact hingga sekarang .Sayang korang sangat2
-Blok A5-

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
Walaupun baru 1 semester,banyak benda yang Zihah dah buat dan banyak kenangan Zihah bersama rakan-rakan baru di UUM .InsyaAllah,banyak lagi kenangan yang akan kami ada selepas ini .Amin...
-Ekin,Sue,Atin and Nadia-
-Asma and the geng-

Pada tahun 2012 juga,Zihah telah berjumpa dengan Zee and Amanda .
I wish this year I can meet more new people :)

Zihah juga telah pergi bercuti dengan family ke Singapore dan Pulau Pinang .InsyaAllah,ada masa dan duit lebih kita boleh holiday lagi kan kan kan ? This year,Zihah harap sangat dapat pergi overseas .yelah,haritu diaorg pergi London,saya duduk Malaysia kena study .HAHA 

Banyak kenangan aku dengan kawan-kawan aku .Especially Asyura and Ekhwan .Diaorg sentiasa ada masa untuk aku dan sentiasa text aku .Cuti nanti kita hangout sama-sama okay ;)

Kenangan yang agak menyedihkan biar kita simpan je dalam buku lama kannn ? so no bad memories ~ :D

For this year,I hope I can get Dean List and become a good Muslimah.Amin .
Nazihah,please remember that you're already in University and you have the chance now to achieve your ambition so study and get Dean List .Make your family proud with you .Amin .

Oh no longer 19th after this. hello 2 series