Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Only me.

Some people easy to show their feelings to the person that they love .It's not only your boyfriend or girlfriend but your family,teachers and friends .Some people are scared to show it.Same goes to me before because I don't know how to start it.Sometimes,I feel so envy with my friends because they can talk to their parents like they talk with friends.They know how to show the love and they not feel shy to shared anything.For me,it's not only to family but also to teachers and friends.I always say the opposite words that have in my mind .Why why why ???? .I want say a nice words but then I say something that made them feel more terrible .That's why I always keep silent and keep all the words inside my mind.But when I knew someone more close I can talk to them more friendly .That's why,I need people to say something to me first but I'm still try to talk first .Still trying....Oh now I can talk more friendly with my parents but whenever I at home I never show the truth feeling.Its not that I'm fake but I can't tell the truth words.I always say words that can make my parents feel sad .Yeah,I knew it ....I only can show the truth by texting them .That's my personality .IDK why,but you you you who knew me can describe me better because you knew me .But now,I'm living alone away from family so I make myself to texting my family everyday so that I can became close with them.I really miss them now and my mom always texting me now so I feel so so so happy :) I always told her about my activity .I really feel happy to share with her now :)

My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world.