Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy birthday Ibu

Oh yeah,today is 11.8.2012 and my mom is 44 y/o now.Happy birthday Ibu .Actually we want make a surprise but Nada (my youngest sister) told my mom and the plan was canceled but Ibu felt so happy when she saw the present .Then,we having simple party for my mom .She cut the cake and ate together .Nah,it's simple but I love to see my mom smile .

To Ibu,please don't work too hard for your PHD because I don't want you feel sick .You looks so tired now because  lack of sleep.ILOVEYOUSOMUCH .

Monday, August 6, 2012

Instrumental Music .

Assalamualaikum dan hello :) Harini Zihah asyik dengar instrumental music .Actually,adik-adik Zihah reti main alat musik .One of them is playing violin and the others are playing piano .Zihah and Najwa je yang tak reti .Before this,Zihah pernah main violin but I think only for a few months and it's only for school anniversary .Time tu Zihah form 3 so agak susah nak join so after the school anniversary Zihah terus stop .Pernah gak try sambung time form 4 but Zihah asyik missed class je so better stop than waste my money right ? So,Zihah stop until now.Sometimes,rasa sedih juga sebab tak dapat continue to learning it .Yelah,apa je bakat yang Zihah ada.kalau main musik,ada juga bakat dalam diri ni .haha .Oh yeah,Zihah missed pun sebab Zihah banyak join aktiviti kat sek ohh bukan saje2 missed okay.Oppss,saya aktif time sek je time matrik hampeh ohh .hahaha .Then,sekarang Zihah jealous sangat tengok orang-orang yang reti main alat musik .lebih-lebih lagi kalau violin or piano sebab lagu yang di mainkan sangat la merdu ~ :) .One of my favorite musician is Yiruma.

I knew him after my brother talked about him .After that,I keep listening to his music .

Yiruma-Kiss the rain

Yiruma-A river flows in you

Try listen to his music and comment :) 

Oh,kalau korang ada buat cover,bagitau Zihah tauu sebab Zihah suka sangat dengar .Adik Zihah tu malu nak letak kat youtube but he can play Yiruma-A River Flows In You very well .But,it's only my opinion .

Maybe bukan rezeki Zihah to play a music but I know I still can learning it one day.InsyaALLAH .

Friday, August 3, 2012


Al-fatihah dan takziah buat keluarga Ain .She's one of my friends .Ayah dia baru sahaja meninggal .Tolong baca kan Al-fatihah untuk arwah .Semoga arwah di tempatkan disamping orang2 yang beriman .

Ain,be strong and don't be too sad okay .