Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thanks for today .

Yeah,Alhamdulillah Abah selamat sampai di Malaysia .Actually,Abah pergi ke Perancis untuk ambil kapal baru untuk Mas .It is A380 Malaysia Airlines .Dalam 3 minggu juga la Abah kat sana and finally he is here now :) I'm so so so happy and we will have a holiday in Singapore this weekends :) Bukan senang nak semua ada dalam 1 masa yang sama .yelah,Najwa sekarang practice bowling for SUKMA .Alhamdulillah,kami akan bercuti dan enjoy ^ hehe .Oh yeah,thanks Abah sebab belikan semua hadiah-hadiah tu dan Abah memang tak pernah lupakan sesiapa~mesti semua dapat ;) hehe .Akak terkejut sangat bila Abah bagi jam sebab akak tak pernah mention pun nak jam .But you know what it make me feel so HAPPYYYYYYYYYYY .

Thanks Abah :)

Oh yeah now is 31.Mei.2012 and Nasri Azhari is officially 12 y/o .He is my younger brothers :) .
HAPPY BIRTHDAY nasri and akak harap nasri akan berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat .Akak sayang adik-adik akak ni dan akak minta maaf sebab tak dapat bagi hadiah yang mahal-mahal :) Akak kena cari part time dulu~kekeke :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

One day at Sunway Pyramid

Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to non muslims :) Today,I went to Sunway Pyramid AGAIN .This is because my siblings ,Nasri and Nada have a bowling tournament .Oh we thought we will go back after the tournament but Nada have been chosen for another tournament between Malaysia and Singapore .Oh wait,she is not playing,she just accompany the Malaysia's bowlers to the front .So we feel boring to wait and Nazmi and I decided to watch movie .So,we watch dark shadows .I thought it is a horror movie but you know what ,it is a comedy movie.It's so funny and I laugh a lot .LOL .And then,after the movie,I bought a new shoes and I want buy a new handbag but it is too expensive so I will buy the handbag next time ;) Dear handbag,wait for me okay ! After that,Nazmi and I just walked and then after the event is finish we went back home.The Malaysia's team win the tournament .Congrats ! Oh yeah,before I forgot Parker Bohn III (American professional bowlers) was there .But,I don't snap any picture since my phone out of battery but only snap a few picture .hehe .It was fun but tired.So,that's all for today .(I sounds like a teacher) HAHA .

P/S-Sorry for my bad sentences and enjoy your day okay .Lots of love from Nazihah .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Date with FCM .

It's spamming day for all FCM (fab criminal monkeys) its a group .It was like a war okay but its funny when you see who will be the winner xD And I give up.but I will spam them later *winkwink .kekeke .OMG,I feel love from them .HAHA .Thanks for today FCM :) Its make us more close~

Also,today I was skype with Joey,Ayang,Janney and Shaa .Thanks guys for today.It was awesome :)
Joey,thanks for show all the collection and i love the one that Twilight version~kekeke .Taeyang look cool :D GD look pretty~and you should share TOP's picture with me *innocent face* kekeke xDD .

Shaa and panda,thanks alot for spam me more than 200+ HAHA.thats awesome okay :D and its fun~kekeke .

I want write more but I know you will feel boring to done for today :) Lots of Love

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wa rai high school,one of my best memory

This is my favorite drama when I was 13 y/o .And today I watch it again because I miss them :) Once you watch it,you gonna fall in love with this drama .And the ending is so sad T.T .and i just know that Big(first from left) was passed away and comma for 4 years .OMG R.I.P for him~And suddenly I miss my friend that just passed away last month .Until now,i still not visit his grave because its too far .BUT I WILL VISIT IT ! MUST VISIT ! i love this drama so much but anyone who have their full drama wa rai high school with eng sub please PM me :) Thanks a lot~

Monday, May 7, 2012

To adik tersayang . :D

Mie,akak harap mie tak sedih .Walaupun mie tak dapat UPU,you still got Form 6 dear .Dulu akak pun tak dapat UPU and I only got Matrik .ALLAH tu Maha Berkuasa so maybe dia dah rancang supaya perjalan hidup mie cmni .Jadi,just go trough with that :) InsyaALLAH,mie juga akan berjaya dan dapat capai cita-cita mie itu okay .I'm not the best student before I'm still trying to be the best while in Matrik so you still can be THE BEST STUDENT while in Form 6 .Because only us can change our life dear .Don't ever give up Nazmi because I know you can do better than me :) .

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Honest and loyalty come first .

I just need you to be honest with me and don't make like something that you can throw when you don't like .I don't need your love but only loyalty because if you honest and loyalty with me love will come easily .For me,if you not honest with me so that's all .I can accept if you lie once but it more than TWICE dude .Do I look easy to you ? Oh guys,its not about love okay .I'm not in couple mood because for me now is not the right time to couple .Once I got my Degree I will couple .InsyaALLAH .