Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Be strong Nazihah !

Assalamualaikum and hello people :)

Today, I feel like to post something so here I am .

I'm glad with everything I've now and I'm happy with people around me .
I just hope this semester will end soon .
I feel so tired and this week I keep crying alone / I'm crying whenever I feel tired or stress/
This is because I have a lots of thing to be done by next week .
I will have a presentation next week that supposedly be present next month so now I keep rushing to finish all the assignments .
I'm okay with all assignments that need me to read article or journal.
But now, I need to sell a product because this subject is about entrepreneurship .
First think when I heard it 'Omg,I like this' /yeah, new kind of assignment right? /
But after I start do it, I was like 'Omg, Idk how to do it' 'When I want sell and to whom ?' Yeah, loads of thing came to my mind.
But then, I'm glad I have a good team .Yes, they do their job but I wish they can give more attention about this because they never asked me about our assignments . /oh yeah, i'm the leader/ .
So, next week is the presentation and we still like a turtle /too slow/ BUT I KNOW ,WE CAN FINIH IT !!

Oh I feel so thankful to people around me. They help me a lots and without them I will not know what to do. I just wish, I can do something for them because I've spend lots of time with bowling club's events . Oh talk about bowling club , I feel so stress because I need to think about 2 programs and Alhamdulillah one is already done today . One more then I can concentrate with my presentation .

But, the truth is, I miss to spent time with my girls (Sue,Intan,Shila and Mira) .I hope our plan to going out next week will become reality :) .InshaAllah .

To Puteri, thank you because you always here for me whenever I need you :) Thank you so much Cantik !

To Ekin, kak Murni and Faiz ,thank you because you guys always give an advice to me :) I like it and yes sometimes my face din't show it but the truth is I really take it serious :) Thank you so much guys !

To Kak Shima, Kak Lea and Wan, thank you because you guys always bring me along whenever you guys going out . I feel so thankful :) I know, this sem will be the last sem for you guys so as long as there is a time we will hangout and do a lots of thing together .

Dear Nazihah,
Good Luck For
- Bowling Club's Events
-Mini Golf Event (Ko-K's Project)

InshaAllah, everything will be okay and be strong Nazihah Abdul Jalil !!!

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Anonymous said...

Kita buddy Insyalh x akan terpisah..peace..