Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to UUM

Assalamualaikum and hello guys :) oh, today I got something to post and of course because I have a free time for this . So, as you guys knew, I've been enjoy for two months in semester break and now I already starting with my 3rd semester ;~; Aww, this sem I have 4 class on Monday and Thursday /me don't like it/

Okay, my semester break was AWESOME and FUN ! I spend time with family, friends and I met all my teachers in high school .I feel so thankful because I had celebrate my parents birthday before I went back to this college . Spend my time with my all siblings ,we shopping together and cook together on fasting month And for the first time, I had a trip with my girls (sue,shila,intan and fify) to Universal Studios, Singapore . Other than that, I've spent most of my time with my BFF (syura and ekhwan) during the semester break .We went to the karaoke ,dinner and lunch together ,gossiping and of course celebrate eid fitr together :) .I also spend time with my junior from high school (akim,syahmi and rien) and met most my friends during the eid fitr month. Oh my friend was got married last month so Congratulations Dear, Irma and husband :) .I met a lot of my high schoolmate during her wedding and it was wonderful to met and talking with them .My cousin also got married last month and it was fun to met all my cousins /they are the best cousin/The most important is I got a chance to represent UUM for Bowling in Masum ,Alhamdulillah .I really miss all my teammates :* (Nadhirah,Lea,Miza,Kak Nad,Kak Iz,Huat,Bok,Irwan and Iwan) YOU GUYS ARE COOL ! ;)

So here, my first post for the 3rd semester in UUM .
Alhamdulillah, I got the same room with the same roommate :) As usual, most of the time I spend my time with my girls (sue,shila,intan and mira) without them, my life here will be boring XD .Thank you guys ! you guys are the best !!! Before we start with our busy life, we spend time together with watching movie .haha . For today ,we watched 'Pee Mak' in my room .It's a Thai Movie and it's horror comedy .Funny and I love the way that guy showed his love to his wife .He really love his wife.Omg, they are so sweet okay !!! Oh we also had dinner together since the first day we are here .almost every night ,I will see them .haha .

Dear Mira, please get well soon okay :* 

Some of the picture during the semester break .

And here, our first picture for this semester . with my girls :*

I wish, this semester will be more fun and our friendship will be more stronger .
Hope we can help each other and teaching each other .InshaaAllah .

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