Friday, July 5, 2013

Semester Break .

Alhamdulillah, I just finished my first year degree .Now I'm having my semester break until September .
I don't want to talk about my final exam because it already passed .

Oh last week, I went to Universal Studio Singapore with my friends . Sue, Intan, Shila and Fify .We just had a conversation about this last year and alhamdulillah its really happened .

We went to Johore on 1 July and went to USS on 2 July then back here on 3 July . So,our trip was for 3 days. I'm soooooo happy because this trip is among girls only and my parents trust me and they gave the permission for this trip. Thank you Abah and Ibu :)

We went to karaoke and sang for 2 hours then we slept together . Aww, really miss them now ♥♥
 Wish I can tell you guys more about this trip but I'm so tired now . In shaa Allah I will post about this trip again :)

Thanks for the memories and our next trip will be Krabi Island, Thailand .In shaa Allah.
 /Save money from now/

Oh I met Zee again :)

Today . 5/7/2013

I went to Setia City Mall with Ekhwan my new friends Khai and Beela :) Just met them today but we really had fun today .Thank you Ekhwan because introduce your friends to me ! And finally I went to Seoul Garden . Really ate a lots todayyyy . we also went to karaoke for 3 hourssss. wowww.

Next week is fasting month so

'Selamat Berpuasa kepada semua yang berpuasa dan saya minta maaf dengan segala kesilapan saya yang lepas. Semoga puasa tahun ini lebih bermakna daripada sebelumnya dan semoga ia diterima olehNya. Amin '

Aku harap cuti sem ini lebih bermakna buat aku. Nazihah ! terawih jangan tinggal !!! haha .In shaa Allah :)

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