Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blood type .

'i think the last time i ride my bicycle when I was 15'

Oh hye guys,what is your blood type ? Mine is B .Actually,I have a friend that always talk about horoscope and blood type .For me,I'm not believe in horoscope since Muslims can't believe in it .But idk about blood type .If you have the answer tell me okay .Can a muslim believe in blood type ? My friend told me that if I'm a B I should avoid from eating chicken .And I was like o.O 'why' then she gave this site 'Eat Right For Your Type' .Now I knew about that .She also told me that 'B' is easily to get a cancer .Maybe from now,I should avoid from eating chicken and eat more meat xD .Hehe .And thanks Susan,because you make me aware about this early .Oh yeah,if you curios about your blood you check here . Oh yeah,she also said that blood type have related with diets,health,financial and personality .

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