Sunday, May 13, 2012

One day at Sunway Pyramid

Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to non muslims :) Today,I went to Sunway Pyramid AGAIN .This is because my siblings ,Nasri and Nada have a bowling tournament .Oh we thought we will go back after the tournament but Nada have been chosen for another tournament between Malaysia and Singapore .Oh wait,she is not playing,she just accompany the Malaysia's bowlers to the front .So we feel boring to wait and Nazmi and I decided to watch movie .So,we watch dark shadows .I thought it is a horror movie but you know what ,it is a comedy movie.It's so funny and I laugh a lot .LOL .And then,after the movie,I bought a new shoes and I want buy a new handbag but it is too expensive so I will buy the handbag next time ;) Dear handbag,wait for me okay ! After that,Nazmi and I just walked and then after the event is finish we went back home.The Malaysia's team win the tournament .Congrats ! Oh yeah,before I forgot Parker Bohn III (American professional bowlers) was there .But,I don't snap any picture since my phone out of battery but only snap a few picture .hehe .It was fun but tired.So,that's all for today .(I sounds like a teacher) HAHA .

P/S-Sorry for my bad sentences and enjoy your day okay .Lots of love from Nazihah .

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