Friday, May 11, 2012

Date with FCM .

It's spamming day for all FCM (fab criminal monkeys) its a group .It was like a war okay but its funny when you see who will be the winner xD And I give up.but I will spam them later *winkwink .kekeke .OMG,I feel love from them .HAHA .Thanks for today FCM :) Its make us more close~

Also,today I was skype with Joey,Ayang,Janney and Shaa .Thanks guys for today.It was awesome :)
Joey,thanks for show all the collection and i love the one that Twilight version~kekeke .Taeyang look cool :D GD look pretty~and you should share TOP's picture with me *innocent face* kekeke xDD .

Shaa and panda,thanks alot for spam me more than 200+ HAHA.thats awesome okay :D and its fun~kekeke .

I want write more but I know you will feel boring to done for today :) Lots of Love

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