Friday, June 24, 2011

A1P3 my practicum

Yaww,Alhamdulilla Zihah dah berasa gembira berada di KMNS tetapi agak kelam kabut juga stay kat sini dengan HOMEWORK AND ASSIGNMENT yang tak PERNAH SIAP ohh .huhu .But I will handle it slowly .Hopefully all my hw will be done before next week :) hehe.So I can go back with a big smile =) haha .Then my practicum is A1P3 and they are so friendly and we always help each other although we still not SO close because we need more time for that :) I hope we can be more close after this :) hehe .Today I played tennis with them :) And its so fun and I hope I can learn easily so I can play it by myself without my teacher :) hehe .I also have quiz for economic last Tuesday and I can't answer it with confident >___< I feel so nervous and can't do structure sad~huhu .I also have quiz for acc .And can you guess ? I also can't do it although I know how to do it .Arrgghhhm,why I'm so nervous? huhu.Do you have tips for me to be more calm while answer the question ? huhu .Anyway,I will learn from my mistake.InsyaALLAH :)

Izah,Azah,Mia,Izura,Iqa .


belog saya a.k.a naz said...

waahh ,akak ex kmns .gud luck yew stay situh :)

Grape Moon said...

thanks kak :) amek akaun or sn ke ? tahun berapa ?

~sHy~ said...

saya juga ex-KMNS..huhu...duduk c5 dulu..jauh gilanak menapak pegi kelas..penah gak maen tennis tp pkl melambung sampai ke cafe..hehe

Grape Moon said...

eh yeke ? tahun berapa kat KMNS ?
wahh,jauh gilaaa XDD
wow,terror nya sampai ke cafe~hehehe . XDD